Prof. Anke Finger presents invited Talk on Digital Self-Publishing

The publication landscapes in art, design, literature and the humanities in general have changed significantly over the last several decades. A conference in Bochum is considering current approaches and practices:

“This conference focuses on the practices, procedures and epistemes of digital self-publishing in art, literature and science. Starting from their analysis, we would like to examine such platform-based models of independent publishing that compete with the institutionalised publishing landscape, using the epistemic problem of ‘banality’ as a point of departure. We propose to understand ‘banality’ as an essential feature of digital self-publishing and to apply this concept to self-publishing projects in our own disciplines, i.e. cultural studies, literature studies, media studies, dance studies, film studies and gender studies.”

Prof. Finger is presenting a talk on “Knowledge-Designing Digital Publics and the UX Honeycomb,” focusing on formats of digital scholarship. Communicating humanities work to a variety of audiences, within and beyond academia, involves making careful choices (media platforms, tools, print/digital, and more) for knowledge design and knowledge dissemination. The program is available here.

Read a review of the conference here (in German).

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