Undergraduate Awards in German Studies 2023

April and May is award season, and we are thrilled to celebrate our German Studies students with the following awards issued by the Department of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages and by the Baden-Württemberg Exchange Program: The Joseph A. Palermo Award for Outstanding Senior Scholars: Daniel Leaf The Marlis Zeller Cambon Scholarship: Josh Ellenberg The Excellence in German […]

The Tandem Project: An Exchange before the Exchange

Inga Poetzl, who directs the Baden-Württemberg exchange program at UConn, initiated a wonderful exchange-before-the-exhange initiative called “The Tandem Project.” We are reposting from Global Affairs (read the full post here) and from LinkedIn to share the experiences of students about to come to UConn from Germany. What is the Tandem Project? – UConn student perspectiveAt […]

More Internship Reports from EUROTECH and EUROBIZ Students in Germany

We continue to feature short portraits of EUROBIZ and EUROTECH students who are currently in Germany and have successfully secured their internships for the second half of their stay. Our two portraits present Quentin Walliser who is working for Mahle, and Michael Calvert who is working for Siemens Energy. Here’s what they report back: “My name is Quentin, […]

PhD Candidate Isabell Sluka receives Summer Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

Isabell Sluka, a PhD candidate in German Studies, has been awarded the Summer Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship by the UConn Graduate School to pursue her research on “From a Postmigrant Society to Radical Diversity: (Re)Negotiating Germanness in the Digital Realm”: “I am humbled and grateful to have been chosen as a recipient of the Summer Doctoral […]

Prof. Anke Finger presents invited Talk on Digital Self-Publishing

The publication landscapes in art, design, literature and the humanities in general have changed significantly over the last several decades. A conference in Bochum is considering current approaches and practices: “This conference focuses on the practices, procedures and epistemes of digital self-publishing in art, literature and science. Starting from their analysis, we would like to […]

EUROBIZ Students’ Success with Internships at German Companies

As the EUROBIZ program grows, we are featuring short portraits of EUROBIZ students who are currently in Germany and have successfully secured their internships for the second half of their stay. Our three portraits present Sophia Ruelle who is working for Henkel, Eric Modica who is working for Mercedes Benz, and Michelle Buerkler who is working for Trumpf. […]

Robert Zatryb (PhD candidate) on teaching Writing and supporting Multilingualism

In “I’m So Sorry, English is not my First Language” Robert Zatryb, a PhD Candidate in German Studies and Applied Linguistics shares his strong support of multilingual writers who often find themselves in positions of having to excuse their non-English backgrounds. Quite to the contrary, Zatryb argues, we should all support their expertise: “I come […]

Prof. Manuela Wagner presents two Keynote talks at PNCFL and the Boston Area Pedagogy Conference

Prof. Manuela Wagner adds two keynote presentations, “Renewing, Reenergizing, and Reigniting Language Education: Our Future Depends on Intercultural Citizens” (Pacific Northwest Council for Languages) and “Teaching for Intercultural Citizenship: Why? How? and Lessons Learned” (Boston Area Pedagogy Conference) to her significant national and international reputation. The first keynote addresses developing intercultural citizenship units:

EUROBIZ students visit Legrand Company in West Hartford

On Friday, February 17th, a group of EUROBIZ students, accompanied by Prof. Gerlinde Berger-Walliser, the Co-Director of the program, visited Legrand in West Hartford. The excursion offered not only an exploration of the company, but also a wonderful opportunity to meet a variety of managers and employees and to glimpse career opportunities for the future. […]

Our monthly Kaffeestunde is back!

Thanks to the generous support of the LCL department and our untiring Graduate Students, especially Love Anuforo and Florian Kastner, our beloved Kaffeestunde is back after restrictions due to Covid. Students from beginning German classes gathered at the end of September to chat, enjoy coffee and cookies, try out some German from the first weeks […]

EUROTECH recognized for its DEI work in STEM by INSIGHT Into Diversity Magazine

The September 2022 issue of INSIGHT Into Diversity Magazine devotes the majority of its space to an important award in STEM: “INSIGHT highlights innovative higher education institutions and organizations working to recruit and retain underrepresented individuals in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and beyond with our 2022 Inspiring Programs in STEM Award.” This year, UConn’s dual-degree […]

Joscha Jelitzki (PhD candidate) receives LCL Graduate Research Award

Joscha Jelitzki received this year’s Graduate Research Award from the Department of Literatures Cultures and Languages for his excellent work bridging German Studies and Hebrew and Judaic Studies: “I’m humbled to receive this year’s Excellence in Research Award by the LCL German Section. It signifies how much the section and the department value and support […]