EUROBIZ Students’ Success with Internships at German Companies

As the EUROBIZ program grows, we are featuring short portraits of EUROBIZ students who are currently in Germany and have successfully secured their internships for the second half of their stay. Our three portraits present Sophia Ruelle who is working for Henkel, Eric Modica who is working for Mercedes Benz, and Michelle Buerkler who is working for Trumpf. Here’s what they report back:

Sophia Ruelle: After completing my first semester abroad at University of Tübingen, I am very excited to be continuing my time in Germany with an Internship at Henkel as part of the Eurobiz curriculum. While the company name may not be as recognizable, Henkel is a German company that represents powerful brands such as Dial and Snuggle. I will be interning in the Internal Communications department focusing on internal employer branding and employee engagement. Most of my work will be focused on creating global content for all locations of Henkel to use, including their Stamford location in Connecticut. I am also excited to discover a new city as I will be living in Düsseldorf for the time.

Eric Modica: Hello everyone, my name is Eric Modica. I am a EuroBiz student at UCONN. I study Accounting along with German, and I am currently living in Tübingen. For my internship, I was able to obtain employment in Stuttgart with Mercedes-Benz Group AG as a marketing intern. Officially, the project is called “Retail of the Future”. My position there is basically geared towards assisting in the rollout of a new sales model, known as Model D, in our overseas markets. We are a very international team that works with markets all over the world. Some examples are Mexico, Turkey, Thailand, and more. I will be working until mid-August, and I am quite excited to learn more about business practices here in Germany.

Michelle Buerkler: After studying at the University of Tübingen, I will be continuing my year abroad in Ditzingen, Germany, at the TRUMPF headquarters. I am working in the Corporate Marketing Trade Shows department which is responsible for the organization and planning of TRUMPF’s trade fairs. I have loved learning how this process takes place and was able to jump right in with TRUMPF’s INTECH trade show taking place my second week. I look forward to the next 5 months here at TRUMPF and am grateful for this opportunity and the support the Eurobiz program has provided through this experience.

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