ECE German Instructor Christine Higgins (Wilton High School) receives Instructor Award for Excellence in Course Instruction for 2021-2022 

The German Section is very proud to announce Christine Higgins from Wilton High School as a recipient of the ECE Instructor Award for Excellence in Course Instruction for the AY 2021-2022! Ms. Higgins who joined the UConn Early College Experience program several years ago has celebrated numerous successes as a German teacher and maintains both a challenging classroom and one that is always full of surprises. Just this year she invited Cathryn Prince, the author of a new book on one of the world’s worst shipping catastrophes Death in the Baltic. Her students have won major national awards and are involved regularly in interdisciplinary explorations of topics in the German-speaking worlds.

Ms. Higgins, for example, connects the refugee disaster from World War II to the current refugee crisis resulting from the invasion of Ukraine by Russia and integrates artworks by Käthe Kollwitz and others to show the devastation and humanitarian issues so much in the past but yet so present. Students readily engage with their own contributions, presentations and discussions. Ms. Higgins’ classroom is always one where German becomes the pathway and tool for explorations into many different areas of learning.

Ms. Higgins is also the World Language Instructional Leader at Wilton High.

Please join us for the celebration on May 19th, together with the entire ECE Team!

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