Prof. Bronner publishes translation of Rafael Horzon’s “The White Book” with Suhrkamp

Prof. Stefan Bronner, together with April von Stauffenberg, translated Rafael Horzon’s “Das Weisse Buch”/The White Book, due out this November from Suhrkamp.

Here’s a short description from the publisher’s site:

“Rafael Horzon – furniture magnate, original genius, and Apple Cake Tycoon. As a failed student and failed postal service delivery man, he succeeds over the years, nonetheless, in building up multiple corporate empires: a fashion label, an agency for separating couples, a night club, and the Specialty Shop for Apple Pie. One groundbreaking idea follows the next: he disrupts the art world with a hair dryer, he revolutionizes the fashion world with a head-tie, and – by inventing the world’s most perfect bookshelf – nearly drives the world’s leading Swedish discount-furniture producer out of business. At the high point of his eventful life, he takes a moment to reflect and look back. The upshot? Horzon proves himself to be a most charming and intelligent storyteller.”

Rafael Horzon is an artist-entrepreneur, and author of three books. The review of The White Book in the Süddeutsche Zeitung calls the text a “Schelmenroman.”

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