Magic, Pop and Eternity – First ever Pop-Literature Prize in German Literature

Prof. Stefan Bronner, co-founder and co-organizer of the Literaturhaus Augsburg, is part of the jury to select the first ever prize for pop literature.

Here’s an excerpt from the Manifesto:

„Magic sind Texte, die sich auf zauberhafte Weise in die Wirklichkeit einmischen. Weil sie der Welt etwas entgegenzusetzen haben, das in ihr so noch nicht vorhanden ist. Wir sind es leid, die Banalität der Gegenwart in einer ebenso banalen Sprache gespiegelt zu sehen. Das ist falsch verstandener Realismus. Aber auch die deutsche Tradition der feinfühligen Innenschau langweilt uns maßlos.“

“Magic are texts that interfere with reality in enchanting ways. Because they confront the world with something that is as of yet non existent. We are tired of perceiving the banality of the present in just such a banal language. That is realism misunderstood. But the German tradition of sensitive navel gazing bores us to tears, too.”

About the Literaturhaus Augsburg:

In 2014, a group of volunteers founded the Literaturhaus Augsburg with an excessive celebration in a secret place close to the Wertach river in Augsburg. A party that the world has not seen before. Famous authors like Alexa Hennig von Lange, Raphaela Edelbauer, Rafael Horzon, Christian Kracht, Eckhart Nickel and Simon Strauß elevated the festivities with their attendance. Since this time, the literary scene in Augsburg was fundamentally changed. Until today, Dr. B., Dr. D. and Magistra M. are forced to remove the lettering on the house after every event in order to mislead the thousands of fans who are on the lookout for the mythical Literaturhaus, for the staff cannot handle these storms of enthusiasm. The Literaturhaus Augsburg is a place where controversy, love and creativity clash. 

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