Manuela Wagner promoted to Full Professor

This April, our own Manuela Wagner was promoted to Full Professor – congratulations, Manuela!!!

Manuela Wagner is a specialist in the integration of Intercultural Competence and Intercultural Citizenship in world language education and across the curriculum from elementary school through post-secondary education. She is particularly interested in the interplay of theory and practice and has been part of and helped create communities of practice to implement models of Intercultural Competence and Citizenship as well as related theoretical frameworks (theories of criticality, culture, intercultural communication, social justice, intellectual humility) in practice. The resulting co-edited volumes are Teaching Intercultural Competence Across the Age Range: From Theory to Practice (2018) and Education for Intercultural Citizenship: Principles in Practice (2017). She continues this work in interdisciplinary implementations of Intercultural Citizenship Projects. The co-authored book Teaching Intercultural Citizenship Across the Curriculum: The Role of Language Education appeared with ACTFL in 2019.

Follow her on twitter @manuelawag as she investigates the relationship between Human Rights Education, Education for Social Justice, Raciolinguistics, and Education for Intercultural Citizenship, ongoing empirical and theoretical projects analyze the role of

  • educators as advocates for all language learners through an approach that helps students reflect on and celebrate their plurilinguistic and pluricultural identities,
  • nonverbal communication in intercultural communication,
  • intellectual humility and conviction in Intercultural Competence and vice versa,
  • ethics in teaching Intercultural Citizenship.

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