UConn Today features German Studies’ Alexa Kugler

Alexa is about to graduate with a double major in pathobiology and German Studies. Here she describes some of the influences UConn has had on her studies:

Name two other experiences that have enriched your studies.

One of my goals for undergrad was to improve my German language skills, so from March through August 2019, I studied abroad in Freiburg, Germany. It was definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had. From the very beginning I was forced to use German to navigate things like opening a bank account, moving apartments, registering with the city, etc. I made close friends from all over the world, and as cheesy as it sounds, I fell in love with the “green city” on the edge of the Black Forest.

Another experience I’m grateful for on UConn’s campus has been my involvement in Dr. Steven Szczepanek’s laboratory, where I am working on my honors thesis. It has been a great way to get an understanding of what academic research is like and allowed me to explore the fields of immunology and infectious disease.

For more about Alexa, read the entire article on naturally@uconn!

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