Do passion and emotion have a place in academia?

In June 2019, Prof. Stefan Bronner co-organized a conference to discuss the need for more passionate engagement in the humanities. Numerous speakers addressed the need for more personal involvement, sharing, addressing the rule of ‘ratio’ and more. For more information and to watch some of the video captures, visit the site and contribute to the debate:

Geisteswissenschaften der Leidenschaften – Passionate Humanities

“The Academy of Passions”, an idea, brought forth by Stefan Bronner, introduces a curriculum, which combines academic and artistic work, as well as physical activity. The program should serve as a form of spiritual therapy and make our work relatable to the peoples’ lives. Intellectual engagement with text doesn’t necessarily result in an academic essay. We are working on a holistic curriculum that reflects the fullness of the human experience, comparable to the concept of the German “Volkshochschulen”.

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