New textbook from Prof. Friedemann Weidauer et al.

Prof. Friedemann Weidauer has published a new textbook in collaboration with two recent PhD’s in German Studies from UConn, Nicole Coleman and Niko Tracksdorf: Impulse, due out this year. The package, published by Klett, includes Impuls Deutsch—Textbook, Impuls Deutsch— Teaching Guide, Impuls Deutsch—Workbook, and Impuls Deutsch—Instructors Manual. Below is the publisher’s information:

Impuls Deutsch is our newest college textbook for first-year German. It fully integrates the flipped classroom into LERNENMACHEN, and ZEIGEN—a three-pronged approach to project-based communicative language teaching. Students build communicative, intercultural, and interdisciplinary competencies through relevant topics from STEM, arts, and the humanities.

Klett is one of the most important publishers of textbooks in Germany and, according to Prof. Weidauer, has influenced generations of German school children. They are now getting into the US market, and already 93 schools showed interest in adopting Impulse.

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