Prof. Manuela Wagner presents two Keynote talks at PNCFL and the Boston Area Pedagogy Conference

Prof. Manuela Wagner adds two keynote presentations, “Renewing, Reenergizing, and Reigniting Language Education: Our Future Depends on Intercultural Citizens” (Pacific Northwest Council for Languages) and “Teaching for Intercultural Citizenship: Why? How? and Lessons Learned” (Boston Area Pedagogy Conference) to her significant national and international reputation.

The first keynote addresses developing intercultural citizenship units:

In this interactive spotlight session, we will bridge theory and practice. We will apply a framework consisting of intercultural communicative competence (Byram, 2021, 1997), intercultural citizenship (2008), and interdisciplinary intercultural citizenship (Wagner, Cardetti, and Byram, 2019) as well as tools such as Virtual Reality, and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals) to novice, intermediate, and advanced language education. These examples will be used to elicit ideas for developing intercultural citizenship units in the participants’ specific contexts.

The second keynote looks at how students can gain intercultural citizenship competencies:

Never has it been more important for students to be able to collaboratively solve complex problems. This necessitates the students’ ability to critically analyze the world around them and to engage in intercultural dialogue. Teaching for intercultural citizenship (Byram, 2008) means that students acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitudes of intercultural competence (Byram, 2021, 1997) and then apply this intercultural competence to a societal issue. In this keynote conversation, we will look at the rationale for teaching for intercultural citizenship and analyze outcomes and challenges based on practical implementations and research projects. Together we will identify ways forward.


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