Our monthly Kaffeestunde is back!

Thanks to the generous support of the LCL department and our untiring Graduate Students, especially Love Anuforo and Florian Kastner, our beloved Kaffeestunde is back after restrictions due to Covid. Students from beginning German classes gathered at the end of September to chat, enjoy coffee and cookies, try out some German from the first weeks of classes or meet other German-speaking students and faculty. It’s a great event to gather information about where to take your nascent skills and interests and to simply relax a little together.

Kaffeestunde has been a popular event over the years, and you can meet many different people from all kinds of classes before taking your German abroad or after you’ve applied your German in another country or an internship.

Please look for upcoming announcements and join us to meet new people, listen to music and brazenly practice your German!

We also hope to revive the annual Kaffeestunde Awards in the Spring semester – stay tuned.

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