Prof. Manuela Wagner co-edits book on Intercultural Learning in Language Education

Prof. Manuela Wagner’s new book is out: Intercultural Learning in Language Education and Beyond has been published by Multilingual Matters and addresses a number of issues for the 21st-century classroom:

This book provides a contemporary and critical examination of the theoretical and pedagogical impact of Michael Byram’s pioneering work on intercultural communicative competence and intercultural citizenship within the field of language education and beyond. The chapters address important theoretical and empirical work on the teaching, learning, and assessment of intercultural learning, and highlight how individual language educators and communities of practice enact intercultural learning in locally appropriate ways. The book offers comprehensive, up-to-date and accessible knowledge for researchers, teachers, teacher-trainers and students.

As the reviews indicate, the volume is not only a tribute to Prof. Michael Byram, a celebrated and much revered leader in the field of intercultural learning, but also to the depth of scholarship presented therein.


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