Sophia Ruelle (Eurobiz) wins Group Case Competition with the University of Mannheim

“I signed up for the VW case competition because I was looking for an opportunity to test my teamwork skills when it comes to a topic that I had not learned about previously and working with very different people. In my group, I got the opportunity to work with a fellow UConn student and two Mannheim University students from Germany. It was very fun and interesting being able to hear the different perspectives and also how what we are learning in different countries can also be very similar. Overall, I think it is very important everyone takes the opportunity to participate in at least one case competition in college to work on your teamwork skills. I think this is what made my group so successful, as we were able to meet on several occasions, split up the work accordingly but always help each other when we were stuck with our section.” (Sophia Ruelle, Eurobiz Student)

The University of Connecticut and its partner institution, the University of Mannheim, embarked on their first Case Study Competition to bring students together and to create additional connections for the Connecticut/Baden-Württemberg partnership and of its programs, the dual-degree EUROBIZ program. The competition was sponsored by the School of Business Business Connections Learning Community, and The University of Mannheim summarized the initiative as follows:

From February 18 to March 9, 2022, the UConn Case Competition took place together with the Chair of Sustainable Business of Prof. Dr. Laura-Marie Edinger-Schons and in cooperation with Prof. Gerlinde Berger-Walliser and Prof. Robert Day of the partner university of the Faculty of Business Administration, the University of Connecticut in the USA. The case study competition was aimed at first and second year Bachelor students of both universities. In mixed teams, the participants worked on a case study on the VW emissions controversy and developed strategic courses of action for dealing with the event. The German-American teams presented their results online to a jury of Mannheim and Connecticut professors and experts. Three teams were finally honored by the jury and all students received a certificate.

In addition to gaining in-depth insights into the topic of international business, the participants gained intercultural experience and made many new contacts. “I really enjoyed working on the case study as part of the team,” reported Mannheim participant Fabian Kistner. “Especially the intercultural exchange with the American students was a great experience.”

A repeat of the Case Competition next year is planned. 

We look forward to our Eurobiz students joining competitions in the future. Congratulations, Sophia!

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