Impuls Deutsch 2 out in April 2021

Exciting developments in the German Studies textbook arena: Impuls Deutsch 2 is coming out in April 2021, following the successful release of Impuls Deutsch 1 by Klett.

The series, co-authored by Prof. Friedemann Weidauer and by two recent Ph.D. students from the German Studies program, Drs. Nicole Coleman (Wayne State University) and Niko Tracksdorf (University of Rhode Island), among others, speaks to a focus on inclusiveness, multiple perspectives and plain fun when it comes to learning German and studying German-speaking contexts and groups.

Specifically, according to the announcement,

“Our premier intermediate text, Impuls Deutsch 2 builds upon the foundations of the beginning series and further expands students’ self-discovery and autonomy. Following the same eight-chapter structure as Impuls Deutsch 1, this second-year text continues to foster critical thinking, and builds intercultural competence and the ability to engage in German with important topics faced by both the USA and the D-A-CH-L countries. Students will develop their language proficiency through the intermediate level.”


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