The Role of Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Developing Intercultural Citizenship in Education – and vice versa

A fun filled evening of discussion, insights, critical perspectives, and generative dialogue on interdisciplinary work for developing intercultural citizenship at different educational levels. 

Professor Manuela Wagner, German Section of the Department of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages (UConn), Professor Fabiana Cardetti of the Mathematics Department (UConn) and Professor Emeritus Michael Byram (Durham University) presented the theoretical background and models that guide their work. In a lively discussion with graduate students of various departments, they considered the following questions: What does it take to educate for intercultural citizenship? What is the role of interdisciplinary collaboration in this endeavor? Out of the conversation also grew the “vice versa” aspect their title hinted at, as they looked into the role of intercultural citizenship in building capacity for interdisciplinary collaborations, as well as ways to meet its challenges.



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