Dr. Ngondi Kamatuka: “No Final Resting Place”

No Final Resting Place: Narratives of My People. The Ovaherero Genocide. Please join us February 11, 2021, for the Zoom presentation about the first genocide of the 20th century — in the former colony of German Southwest Africa, today’s Namibia — and its aftermath. Dr. Ngondi Kamatuka President of the Association of the Ovaherero Genocide […]

New Baden-Württemberg / Connecticut Tandem Project

The BW-CT EXCHANGE PROGRAM has launched another initiative during the pandemic, helping students connect across the Atlantic to learn and collaborate together before they start their experience abroad. Here’s Education Abroad’s news announcement: “On January 28th, more than 20 students from UConn, Wesleyan University, and Southern Connecticut State University met with their counterparts from five […]

Human Rights in Times of Crisis – CT/BW Human Rights Research Consortium Conference

November 2020 marked the beginnings of international encounters and research discussion within the brand-new consortium on Human Rights. Organized by the directors, Profs. Sebastian Wogenstein and Katharina von Hammerstein, it brought together scholars from many different arenas. From the UCONN Today article: “The idea is to build an intellectual community where we can work together,” […]

$179,000 Grant awarded to promote bilingualism equitably

Prof. Manuela Wagner and her colleague in the NEAG School, Prof. Elizabeth Howard, received a large grant from the Department of Education to improve bilingual education and biliteracy towards sociocultural competence. “The research is important now due to equity concerns that are increasingly being raised within the field of dual language education.” — Associate Professor Elizabeth […]

German Studies is awarded CLAS Grant for “Decolonizing Area Studies: Towards Intercultural Citizenship and Social Justice”

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences issued a call for proposals in the summer for a “NEW CLAS GRANTS INITIATIVE: Anti-Racist Scholarship, Pedagogy, and Workplace Climate.” The College awarded four grants to interdisciplinary projects across CLAS. One of the grants was awarded to three members of the German Studies Section, Anke Finger, Isabell Sluka and Manuela Wagner, […]

The New Connecticut / Baden-Württemberg Human Rights Research Consortium: Cutting-Edge Scholarship across the Atlantic

At a time when international travel is coming to a standstill and people are quarantined in their homes, a newly created consortium is bringing together researchers from leading centers of human rights research in Connecticut and the German State of Baden-Württemberg. Since December 2019, Professors Sebastian Wogenstein and Katharina von Hammerstein (both German Studies, UConn) […]

UConn German Studies featured in UConn Today

The recent Chronicle of Higher Education placement of UConn’s German Studies program as the top #4 in the nation has prompted UConn Today to investigate more deeply what makes our program shine: What is the program’s secret to success? Dedicated faculty, graduate assistants and students testify to an innovative mix of internationally recognized scholarship, intercultural […]

Katharina von Hammerstein named Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor

Our own Katharina von Hammerstein achieved rare distinction this April: the university bestowed upon her the title “Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor.” UConn Today summarizes her many accomplishments over the course of years of productivity at UConn: The award is the highest honor that the University bestows on faculty who have demonstrated excellence in teaching, […]

Manuela Wagner promoted to Full Professor

This April, our own Manuela Wagner was promoted to Full Professor – congratulations, Manuela!!! Manuela Wagner is a specialist in the integration of Intercultural Competence and Intercultural Citizenship in world language education and across the curriculum from elementary school through post-secondary education. She is particularly interested in the interplay of theory and practice and has […]

Surprise Online Graduation Ceremony for German Studies Seniors

On April 28th, the German Studies faculty surprised the senior class in their Capstone seminar with a visit online in full regalia – complete with a featured speaker from the German Consulate in Boston, Elizabeth von Wagner, the Cultural and Press Affairs Officer. While most colleges and universities have cancelled graduation ceremonies and commencement due […]

UConn German Studies placed #4 nationally by Chronicle of Higher Education

In an article on “Which Colleges Grant the Most Bachelor’s Degrees in Foreign Languages?,” published in the Chronicle of Higher Education in January 2019, the UConn German Studies program was placed #4 nationally, based on the number of majors graduated.  Most of the colleges that conferred bachelor’s degrees on the highest numbers of majors in […]