Isabell Sluka (PhD Candidate) wins prestigious Greenhouse Studios Graduate Assistantship

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, in collaboration with Greenhouse Studios | Scholarly Communications Design at UConn (, has awarded Isabell Sluka the 2022-24 Graduate Student Assistantship in Digital Humanities.  This assistantship program is intended for individuals committed to the development of the field and to supporting the inclusion of minoritized populations, including people of color, Indigenous peoples, […]

Isabell Sluka (PhD candidate) publishes article in special issue on “Rethinking Postcolonial Europe”

Just out now: “From Nation States to Communities of Interest: Solidarity and Human Rights Declarations in Wolfgang Fischer`s Styx,” written by Isabell Sluka (PhD candidate in German Studies). The article is published in a special issue of Postcolonial Interventions: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Postcolonial Studies, Vol. VII, Issue 1 (January 2022). According to the author, the […]

Nicole Coleman (PhD 2015) publishes book on The Right to Difference

October 2021 marks an important month for Nicole Coleman (PhD 2015), Assistant Professor of German at Wayne State University. Her book is published by the University of Michigan Press, a work that is bound to contribute substantially to the intersection of human rights and intercultural literature. Here is more information from the publisher’s website: The […]

PhD candidate Juntao Li receives Summer Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

Juntao Li, a PhD candidate in German Studies, has been awarded the Summer Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship by the UConn Graduate School to pursue his research on “Language Ecology in Third Language (L3) Acquisition: Case Studies of German L3 Learners with Chinese as an First Language and English as an Second Language.” In his dissertation, he […]

Busy Bee and Honigkuchenpferd – Profs. Finger, Weidauer and Wogenstein consider the linguistic and cultural history of honey

Three UConn faculty followed the invitation of the Volkshochschule Reutlingen to discuss the considerable variety of honey and bees in different languages and cultural histories. From the etymological origins in German and Latin, for example, to the Hebrew and Judaic cultural meanings of honey in religious rituals, everyday life and food, to honey and bees […]

Symposium concludes First Phase: Decolonizing Together? Awareness, Theory, Practice

On May 21, 2021, the 1-day virtual symposium brought together scholars, teachers, faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students from within and beyond UConn to explore and examine theories and discussions started during the first year of this initiative within LCL. We shared ideas and began building practices on awareness-raising and de-centering whiteness in curricula and classrooms. Former presenters, José Aldemar Álvarez Valencia, Nicole Coleman, Dwight Lewis, Ervin Malakaj and Terry Osborn helped facilitate the two workshops, following the […]

Tandem Project overcomes COVID limits

With the support of UConn’s Global Experiental Learning program, Prof. Friedemann Weidauer and Inga Ploetzl, of the Experiential Global Learning Office, were able to bring students together when COVID prevented them from traveling: German – English Tandem Project “Students from Connecticut, who plan to study at a university in BW, teamed up with one or […]

Shaping the Digital Dissertation – a new book co-edited by Prof. Anke Finger

Shaping the Digital Dissertation: Knowledge Production in the Arts and Humanities is out this May 2021, co-edited by Virginia Kuhn and Anke Finger. As the inaugural director of Digital Humanities and Media Studies at the UConn Humanities Institute, Prof. Finger has long been involved with digital scholarship at the graduate level. She created a graduate […]

Impuls Deutsch 2 out in April 2021

Exciting developments in the German Studies textbook arena: Impuls Deutsch 2 is coming out in April 2021, following the successful release of Impuls Deutsch 1 by Klett. The series, co-authored by Prof. Friedemann Weidauer and by two recent Ph.D. students from the German Studies program, Drs. Nicole Coleman (Wayne State University) and Niko Tracksdorf (University […]

Dr. Nicole Coleman and Dr. José Aldemar Álvarez Valencia on “‘We are all more alike than not’ – Moving Beyond Universalism for Anti-Racist Pedagogies in the Literature Classroom” and “Doing research with university Indigenous students: From ‘rationalizing the decolonial to feeling the decolonial’”

On March 16, 2021, the second double lecture within our “Decolonizing Area Studies” series took place online, with great interest from different groups and constituencies. For more information about this series and the project, please visit the “Decolonizing Area Studies” webpage. Nicole Coleman is Assistant Professor of German at Wayne State University, where she teaches […]

Phonetik zum Anfassen – Ausspracheübungen für Präsenz- und Onlineunterricht

Aussprache ist das Stiefkind im Fremdsprachenunterricht und folgt in Lehrbüchern zumeist einem Nachsprechmuster, das für Zweit- oder Drittsprachler nur schwer nachvollziehbar ist. Dabei fallen Unregelmäßigkeiten in Artikulation und Prosodie bei Zuhörern oft schwerer ins Gewicht als Grammatikfehler. In diesem Kolloquium wollen wir uns mit den größten Ausspracheschwierigkeiten des Deutschen beschäftigen. Dabei ist von besonderem Interesse, […]