B. Meredith, M. Geyer and Prof. Manuela Wagner publish article on Social Justice in Language Instruction in “Dimension”

Britta Meredith (PhD candidate), Mareike Geyer (M.A. candidate, ALDS) and Prof. Manuela Wagner just published their article on “Social Justice in Beginning Language Instruction: Interpreting Fairy Tales” in the DIMENSION Special Issue for 2018: Focus on Social Justice and Critical Pedagogy.


This chapter bridges theories of social justice (e.g., Osborn, 2006) and intercultural citizenship (e.g. Byram, 2008) to classroom practices in an introductory German course at a research university. By interpreting a fairy tale [Cinderella], 16 university students reflected on issues of gender roles and (in)equality both in historical and current contexts. Several activities in a 75-minute online session are described. In this brief intervention, students demonstrated the ability to contemplate complex, real-life issues such as gender roles and stereotypes using the target language.


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